Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vengeful Saturday Random Ten

Last night I watched Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.  First DVD seen in new apartment, woo-hoo!  It wasn't quite up to the standards of Oldboy, but that's not because it doesn't reach the same heights.  It's just the matter of the last twenty minutes or so dragging.  Still pretty thrilling and worth seeing.

1. The Bonzo Doo-Dah Dog Band - Postcard
2. Martin Denny - Oro (God of Vengeance)
3. David Bowie - (You Will) Set the World on Fire
4. T. Rex - Sound Pit
5. Nat King Cole - The Very Thought of You
6. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
7. They Might Be Giants - Black Ops
8. Chic - Rebels Are We
9. Art Blakey - Moon River
10. Love - The Daily Planet


susan said...

I know what you mean about the last twenty minutes dragging compared to the fast pace of Oldboy. It wasn't until I watched it a second time a few years later that I relaxed and allowed myself to experience the intense emotions he was portraying in that exquisitely stylistic fashion. The first time I think I kept expecting something to explode.

Once again, I enjoy seeing the neat juxtaposition of songs on your FR10. Hope you're enjoying your new place.

Ben said...

Well, things did keep exploding. The explosions just generally weren't literal.

And I've got plenty of windows, a working oven... Yeah, I'm enjoying this place just fine. (Hardly ever see my neighbors, though.)