Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday Random Ten... wait five minutes

Last weekend (Friday/Saturday) when I was packing up and moving, we had dog days of August weather, hitting the 90s.  Fast forward a week to yesterday and it felt like we were still fighting our way out of winter, which had something to do with the ever-intensifying rainstorm.  Today was nice, about what you'd expect for late spring or mild summer.  Of course even that took some adjustment.  My first instinct because of yesterday was to wear a heavier jacket.

1. TV on the Radio - Dancing Choose
2. Johnny Mathis - When Sunny Gets Blue
3.  Depeche Mode - Little 15
4. Bonzo Doo-Dah Dog Band - Trouser Press
5. Arcade Fire - Ocean of Noise
6. Fol Chen - Cable TV
7. Sly & the Family Stone - Higher
8. Brian Eno - Blank Frank
9. Edith Piaf - Le Chant du Pirate
10. Jessie Hill - Ooh Poo Pah Doo


susan said...

We had that same rainstorm here yesterday, Andrea, the first tropical storm of the season - so early it left a cold chill behind. We did wear jackets to the park today.

I'm glad to see the FR10 made it through a busy week. Bonzos followed by Arcade Fire is a nice jump.

Ben said...

The weather continues to be kind of nutty. My umbrella has been getting a workout. Eventually, of course, we'll be into the summer onslaught.

Yeah, those two songs make for a weird mood swing, but cool.