Friday, June 28, 2013

End-of-fiscal-year Friday Random Ten

I happen to have a job where you get to know things like that.  Actually it ends Sunday, but not as many places are open, then.  At my work there's an odd mix of frantic activity in some areas (because of the fiscal calendar) and almost nothing in others (becuase of widesptread vacations).

1. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Humanoid Boogie
2. Grizzly Bear - I Live With You
3. Depeche Mode - Nothing
4. Edith Piaf - Qu'as-Tu Fait John
5. Martin Denny - Hypnotique
6. Nat King Cole - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
7. Rasputina - Sweetwater Kill
8. The New Pornographers - The Spirit of Giving
9. David Bowie - How Does the Grass Grow?
10. Patsy Cline - Strange


susan said...

It always seemed unduly cruel that a fiscal year changeover happens at the best part of summer.

I'm very fond of that Bonzo song and who could have imagined David Bowir segueing into a Patsy Cline number?

Ben said...

Here we imagine the unimagineable. :)

I guess a new fiscal year is a kind of renewal, if not the kind everyone thinks of.