Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finicky 'n' awake

Okay, so I'm still working on pulling the new place together.  It will take some work.  Some of that has to be at night.  Allergy season is kind of a problem in that respect, since a lot of allergy meds have a noticeable knockout effect.  So a lot of the time it's best to put up with the sniffles, at least until it's actually time for bed.


susan said...

The way I've always dealt with a recent move is by understanding that at least all the stuff is here; arranging it can take whatever time it does.

I'm hoping your allergies may not be so bad in a new environment.

Ben said...

Little by little, I'm putting things where I feel they should be. Ideally I like to do something every day, although a few days that hasn't worked.

It is a better environment. Whatever the reason, I'm doing better with allergies. Could be environment or season. Last night I had a flareup and wound up knocking myself out with meds, which is why I didn't post.