Sunday, June 2, 2013

How'd they do that?

I've made the move.  Still have a lot of unpacking/cleaning/maintenance to do.  Since my old pillows were totally worn out, I left them behind and bought a new pair today.  (Note to new readers: These are actual pillows for a bed.  I am not in the adult entertainment industry.)

I just stumbled over some music by this band Hooded Fang this weekend.  I don't know anything about them other than that they're Canadian, which seems to fit. Here they are green-screening themselves out of existence.

Highway Steam from Sturdy Films on Vimeo.


susan said...

It may not all have gone smoothly but I'm delighted to know you've made it. New pillows are always a treat for a weary head.

Yes, the band does seem to have almost completely disappeared into the landscape - or whatever that was.

Ben said...

Probably never goes smoothly, assuming you have to be there yourself. But I'm here, and "treat for a weary head" is right.

I guess it's a film montage playing behind them.