Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Touch wood?

Hmm. Around this time the past couple of nights my modem stopped working. The send/receive lights just went dark for the duration. Usually this is a sign that you forgot to pay the bill, but I'd paid it just a few days previously. But now everything seems to be wroking. Which is why I'm able to be here. Can't think of anything to blog about, though. Isn't that always the way? (Could find a subject, but it's the kind of night where I'm likely to wind up coherence-deprived.


susan said...

Ours goes off now and again because our internet provider isn't the best. When it does we unplug from the source and the wi-fi, wait a minute and then re-plug. It's irritating.

Coherence deprivation can be a problem too.

Ben said...

That does sound somewhat irritating. Luckily these are the kinds of problems that - in general - you get over and can get on with your life.