Monday, January 21, 2013

Everybody's a crowd

Took maybe the crowdedest bus trip of my life today.  It was on the way to a dentist's appointment.  When I got on not only was it standing room only, I could barely get behind the yellow line.  Probably the driver shouldn't have picked me up, but I'm still glad he did because the buses were running on Sunday/holiday schedule.  Which is probably why there were so many riders to begin with.

From there I arrive in the late afternoon at the dentist's office.  Empty waiting room.  This i also because of the holiday, I think.  As well as the impending snow flurry.  But it's interesting how tow opposite conditions can have the same cause. 

Beside needing a couple of new fillings, which I'm getting next month, my teeth seem to be in great shape.  And of course happy birthday, MLK.


susan said...

It's nice there's a holiday in Martin Luther King's name but like so many more it's used either as a day to go shopping, or, even more typically, as just another work day. Obviously, there weren't many on their way to the dentist's office.

I'm glad everything went okay.

Ben said...

Nor were there many on their way to the beach. Well, not in RI anyway.

I thank you. Slowly but surely I'm brushing better.