Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Random Ten in spite of it all

Not so fun fact: it sometimes looks as if a document is saving onto disc, when really that CD-R has decided for some reason not to accept any more saves.  Also you can have Word always make backup copies, an option I chose today, but it's not the default.  The upshot of this nerd talk is that I seem to have lost work forever.  Not a lot of work, but still irritating.  But, tomorrow is another day.

1. Fol Chen - No Wedding Cake
2. The Kinks - Misty Water*
3. Stevie Wonder - Superstition
4. Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey
5. TV on the Radio - Tonight
6, Sarah Vaughan - Lover Man
7. The Magnetic Fields - The Trouble I've Been Looking For
8. The New Pornographers - Go Places
9. The xx - Crystalised
10. Sun Ra - Where Is Tomorrow

There was no way these guys weren't getting back in rotation in the near future, and this obscure song (for years only available on the Great Lost Kinks Album) never fails to put me in my happy place.


susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost the work you'd been hoping was saved. Have you ever considered getting a flash drive to replace the need for a CD-R?

That's our favorite from that album too - along with Pictures in the Sand as a very close second.

Ben said...

I do have a thumb drive, which might have helped if I had foreseen there being a problem. My frustration was mainly at the fact that the CD-R just stopped saving new stuff and there was no earthly reason for it. It wasn't even at a quarter capacity. The good news is that this was mainly a copy of a doc I had on my hard drive and had just started to revise.

Pictures in the sand is great. My head's bouncing around just thinking about it.