Sunday, January 27, 2013

The painted ponies

I went to a Quaker memorial service on Saturday. It was new for me. I've been to many Friends' worship meetings, but this was the first time I had been to one like this, something close to a funeral. The woman passed away near the end of last year. She was very much a larger than life personality, with all that implies, so her passing came as a shock.

Her association with the Quakers was a recent thing, through book swaps. This particular house wasn't one I'd been to before. They were very hospitable, though.

Part of the service was a sing-along of this song. Also on the Joni front one of her friends (small f) sang "Carey" beautifully. Funny what you keep learning about people.


susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost someone who was a friend (small f). That's always hard whether you were close or not.

It's interesting that you've been involved with Quakers. If I was going to belong to any Christian organization it would be them.

I love that song and always did.

Ben said...

Thank you. I do know that you understand. It's a strange experience.

Yeah, I learned of the Quaker presence around here a few years ago, around the start of Iraq, actually. They're a church I admire. Whether I have the discipline to be actively religious is a whole other question.

It is a lovely song, yes.