Thursday, January 24, 2013

That's cold, man

So I've been without heat the last couple of days.  Bad time for it, you might say.  We're in the middle of a massive cold snap so the past couple of nights I was sure the radiator would click on, but it never did. There's other stuff going on here too, more on which as it develops.  But the borrowed space heater I'm using now is helping somewhat.

I'm revising a story for hopeful publication.  Basically what I need now is a good awkward scene with a school administrator and I'll be done.  Well, mostly done.  So I'm doing some research and I'm sleeping on it.  Way to get my conscious and unconscious minds working on the same project.


susan said...

Having no heat in your place is all kinds of bad. I wonder do you have hot water? Having a space heater is great but if the building's boiler isn't working the pipes will freeze - if they haven't already. I hope you're okay and considering that move come spring.

A story getting ready for publication sounds excellent. Awkward scene and school administrator seems fitting.

Ben said...

I'm okay so far. It seems the problem is limited to my apartment and the one over me. Just lucky, I guess? As to leaving, it's basically a matter of when and under what conditions.

Ready by my standards, but those have gotten higher. I'm hoping.