Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Of good cheer

Merry Christmas to all

I like to spread my Christmas out a little. Largely because after the Big Day it becomes possible to start doing stuff again. The paralysis caused by either overcrowding (days before December 25th) or near-universal closings (the day itslef) lifts. Also I'm a creative procrastinator.

Spent much of today at a friend's house. I brought some gifts over, including for the baby. She's pre-literate, but one of the things I bought her was a copy of Eric Carle's The Very Grouchy Ladybug. Her mother can read it to her, and once I saw it in the store there was no way I wasn't buying it

I also saw a bit of this game. One of the boys got it and gave me a little demonstration. The concept is very screwed up, which is a compliment. The graphics look refreshingly handmade.

Anyway, best Christmas wishes to all those who may be reading.


susan said...

I'm glad to know you had a happy Christmas with your friends. I know what you mean about the paralysis but it sounds as though you got the important stuff in order. It's a holiday best spent with children after all.

All best wishes to you too and that game does look like fun.

Ben said...

You do have a point there. Children are good company for events like that.

Hope you had a pleasant time of it this year.