Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friends in (yes) high places

This was a somewhat accidental cool find, even though I do look at the site on a semiregular basis. This woman seems to have befriended some crows and scrub jays (which are also corvids) in her neighborhood. It's a cool process, and something I'd like to try. I do see them sometimes, once recently in a CVS parking lot. It seems to me this could be a nice form of companionship for people who don't have room for pets or whose leases won't allow them.


susan said...

We still have the crew who meet us at a certain part of the park and guide us to the bench where we sit to watch them eat their peanuts. Along with this one group of about seven crows there are also two squirrels, two bluejays and one very dopey looking seagull. Yes, we're not allowed to put feeders on the balcony but our friends in the park make up for the need to share.

Ben said...

Oh I like the sound of that, I like it very much. I'd bet the seagull is dopey as compared to the crows, but they're easy to like. Especially if you have maritime tendencies.