Friday, December 7, 2012

Concentrated Friday Random Ten

One handy thing about writing on a machine with Internet access is that you can research anything you need to for your story or piece.  One less-than-helpful aspect is that you can surf anywhere, so sometimes you do and you lose focus.  This is probably more of a thing now than it was even ten years ago, because so many places have wi-fi.  In any case, you often have to be vigilant against yourself.

1. Annie Lennox - The Gift
2. Patti Smith Group - Land
3. Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five - Knee Drops
4. Diana Krall - You're My Thrill
5. The Clash - Hateful
6. Simon & Garfunkel - A Most Peculiar Man
7. XTC - Wonderland
8. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Everything That Happens
9. Neko Case - Polar Nettles
10. Ladytron - I'm Not Scared


susan said...

It's all too easy for research to become a general evening's entertainment. The worst for me lately has been when I find myself looking at news pages and get distracted by the sidebar articles; sometimes you learn things by accident you wish had remained unknown.

Your FR10 this week has eight bands I'm very familiar with - the exceptions this time are Diana Krall and Neko Case, even though I've seen them here before. I love the Louis Armstrong piece and the Eno and Byrne match up.

Ben said...

"General evening's entertainment" is a good way to put it. One thing leads to another, although for better or worse I surf away from things I feel are just going to depress me.

Larry sent me a Diana Krall disc, and I've put it in rotation recently. Besides being Elvis Costello's current wife, she's an excellent singer.