Monday, November 26, 2012


I remeber the original Red Dawn, it was a dumb movie but it had a point. When someone is occupying your home, the rules of Queensberry civilization go out the window. There's some truth to that, which we managed to forget by the time of the Iraq war.

Also, while its geopolitical paranoia was dated even by then, it was at least rooted in something. The Soviet Union still existed, and many Americans were frightened by it. So even if the Russkie invasion of the Pacific Northwest was never going to happen, it could at least sound plausible.

Not so with North Korea. The country has a fairly paltry economy, not much in the way of natural resources, and almost no diplomatic presence. (There's a reason why it's called the Hermit Kingdom.) NK was shoehorned into being the vilain of the new Red Dawn after the studio nixed China in that role, But no one was actually going to buy the North Koreans as epic villains, were they?

Well apparently... Love the guy who forgets about the 140 character limit and gets cut off by Twitter. I think that's called a "small mercy."


susan said...

I was never tempted to watch the first version but it appears that jingoism never goes out of style for some people. Is this where I get to type 'sigh..'?

Ben said...

I'll understand if you do. :)

Of course unnecessary remakes abound in Hollywood, but this one really jumped out at me.