Friday, November 2, 2012

Mellow-sipping Friday Random Ten

Tonight with dinner I had a glass - not a full glass - of this chocolate wine I had on hand.  A friend and his wife gave it to me for Christmas, which gives you an idea of how long it was hanging around.  I was planning to polish it off as part of a special occasion, probably not by myself.  But, I finally figured I'd clear out some space.  Now watch "clear out some space" become a euphemism.  Anyway, it's called "Desiree", and it's good stuff.  Kind of like sherry but it goes down smoother.

1. Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz
2. The Beautiful South - Oh Blackpool
3. Sun Ra - China Gates
4. Joni Mitchell - Banquet
5. Ernie K-Doe - A Certain Girl
6. The Bird and the Bee - You're a Cad
7. Lower Dens - Candy
8. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Life is Long
9. Pink Martini - Ohio Ohayoo
10. Sarah Vaughan - Pennies from Heaven


susan said...

I'd never heard of it before but you do made Desiree sound delicious. Never has clearing space sounded so pleasant.

Cool FR10. It's been a long time since Brian Eno and David Byrne collaborated.

Ben said...

It was delicious. I went through it in just a few days. Well, it was a skinny bottle.

Very good stuff, and very different from their My Life in the Bush of Ghosts material.