Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not Another Service Advisory Movie

To let y'all know, I won't be able to blogg in the evenings for another couple of days, probably.  My laptop is out getting vajazzled.  Okay, not really, because that's a made-up word to entice gullible women into paying extra for bikini waxes.  It's not getting a bikini wax, but it is getting a new keyboard and general tuneup.  The old keyboard had several keys go unresponsive on me, including the space bar.  Whichisokayreallyifyoulikeputtingeverythinginonereallylongword. (Only imagine that with no c's, d's or e's.)


susan said...

You mean I shouldn't keep on using my keyboard as a pizza plate?

Good luck with getting it back soon.

Ben said...

Yeah, it didn't take that long, really. The keyboard looks a lot better, although the screen is an amazing dust magnet.

And I guess it depends on how gooey the pizza is. :)