Friday, November 23, 2012

A tale of two cities

The neighborhood I live in shuts down after a certain time at night.  It's got a Starbucks and a couple of other coffee shops, a bar/pub, several shops and restaurants.  From what I can tell, only the Japanese steakhouse is able to stay open after eleven.  The Starbucks used to stay open until eleven, but a couple of years ago it was permanently rolled back to ten.  The bar can't stay oepn light, and doesn't seem to have been open at all on Thanksgiving.

That's why taking a late night walk in the direction of Thayer Street is such a culture shock.  The sidewalks are still full, and whatever establishment sells food has a bunch of people going in and coming out.  Tonight I passed by a bar that had a rather overbearing DJ exhortign the crowd to dance, which was audible way across the street.  And it sort of fascinates me that there are only a few blocks between these worlds.


susan said...

It's always kind of interesting to go from streets of quiet houses and into more commercial areas. The neighborhood where you live sounds a lot more low key than Thayer St. - an area where change was constant and likely still is from the sound of it.

Ben said...

Thayer St definitely feels different from when I was a kid, or even in my twenties. It's still youth-oriented, of course. It's probably gotten a lot more extroverted, collectively, over the years.