Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who votes there?

Today was primary day. I went to the voting place a little after five. This was the first time I was asked to provide ID. The photo ID card I showed them was fairly ancient, but they accepted it without a hassle. So, that went well, I guess.

I suspect that it's arbitrary, and if the poll worker so desires they can make it a very big problem for you. Also, how did we get this law? I don't remember hearing about a big floor debate on it. One day you just go to the polls and there it is: a brand-spanking-new voter ID law

What you gotta love is how conservatives tout this as a sensible precaution that most Americans support. Yeah, such wide support, but they never put it up for a referendum. Must have slipped someone's mind.


susan said...

One thing I really liked about living in Oregon was that all registered voters got ballots in the mail to be filled out and mailed back. No voting booths or any of that stuff. I'm glad you didn't get hassled; I'm sorry so many people are. The new ID laws are a nasty bit of work perpetrated by the conservatives.

ps: We can't watch The Daily Show from here.. unfortunately.

Ben said...

Huh. I'm surprised no Canadian channel picks it up.

But it's shocking how voter intimidation focused at the poor and minorities is now considered an acceptable way to win elections. There were about 20 years where that waan't the case.