Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The little people

I'd never heard of Colombian artist Yosman Botero. His work lookx pretty fascinating, though. A lot of it has to do with the clear plastic casings that his works are housed in. That is, they could very easily be a neutral frame. But they become part of the picture, changing it. In short, it looks like you've got little people messing about in there. How is that not cool?


susan said...

His work is pretty wonderful. Of the 3D paintings my favorite was the one of the little slicker wearing boy carrying a yellow umbrella and gazing at a yellow balloon.

A few weeks ago I ran across the 3D work of Xia Xiaowan who draws with colored pencils on tinted glass panels. The most intriguing for me is the Da Vinci portrait.

Ben said...

The boy in the slicker is a treat, certainly.

Wow, I certainly hope those Xia Xiaowan pieces are being taken good care of. They must be. He's got an interesting point of view on his art. I think my own favorite may be the snowy mountain painting right next to Leonardo.