Monday, September 10, 2012

It's not the same, Charlie Brown

Hmmm. No.

If I saw a piece of Peanuts fan art by Vicki Scott, I'm sure I'd think it was very nice. But when you start adding words and stories, it becomes a different thing. It becomes something you have to compare to the comic that ran for nearly half a century. And there's no comparison. Writing a Peanuts comic requires that you be Charles Schultz, and he was such the tortured artist that I don't think many would volunteer for that even if they could

I'd diagnose this as probably talented people who should be doing their own thing.


susan said...

The last newspaper I ever looked at was USA Today which has no comics. It's probably been twenty years since I've seen the funnies, but having loved the original Peanuts, Vicki Scott's interpretation seems kind of creepily off somehow. I agree she should have done her own work.

Ben said...

Yeah, there's baseball, and there are the basic outlines of the kids' personalities, but something's missing. That tends to happen a lot.

city said...

thanks for sharing..