Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snakey Saturday Random Ten

Didn't do a post last night, but I watched Preston Sturges' The Lady Eve then.  Knowing that the production codes were in full swing makes it hard to believe this got released.  If you take a shot for every plausibly deniable sexual reference you'll end up in the emergency room.  Enjoyable, though.  Probably the first time I've ever thought, "Thank God for William Demarest."

1. The White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button
2. Kat Edmonson - What Else Can I Do?
3. Sarah Vaughan - You Hit the Spot
4. Roxy Music - All I Want Is You
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe
6. Fleetwood Mac - Storms
7. Pink Martini - Sunday Table
8. David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
9. Lower Dens - Lion In Winter Pt. 2
10. Joni Mitchell - Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire*

*If heroin feels like Joni sounds in this song, I see the appeal.


susan said...

I still love watching old movies too but I saw this one so long ago I don't remember it well. The last time we saw William Demarest was a Twilight Zone episode with Sterling Holloway. After watching a number of those old shows we've decided Alfred Hitchcock Presents was better.

I imagine Joni saw a number of people go down that road.

Ben said...

To be fair Alfred Hitchcock had some dud episodes too, which is bound to happen when you air for about ten years. But Twilight Zone was hit in the last season when the core writers started to drift away. I'm not sure if you know the whole story on Charles Beaumont, but it's quite sad.

I know that Joni involved with James Taylor for a while, and he was a pretty heavy user. She may have known some less fortunate junkies too.