Monday, September 3, 2012

Snapshots of the soul [/drama]

This is another artist I discovered through Booooooom! Her name is Amy Kligman and she apparently lives in Kansas City.

On her website she talks about "the tension of what appears 'normal' but is in fact slightly adjacent." The picture above speaks to that, I think. At first you may not register anything weird about it. A woman dives into a pool headfirst, as people sometimes do. But she's diving in darkness, and it's not entirely clear whether this is indoors or outdoors. Moreover, what's with all the empty chairs?

Generally my own dreams don't have really outlandish images in them, as far as I can remember. They're situations that I don't question until it's time to wake up, and then the strangeness is revealed. I like art like this, that captures that subtle twist.


susan said...

I just looked at the collection on her website and liked what I saw. Her paintings are strange with subtle meanings that require a closer look. You're right that they're dreamlike in that curious way we don't question until later.

Ben said...

I'm glad you like her, which I thought you might. Think this was a lucky find.