Friday, September 3, 2010

Vote early, vote often

Actually you have to register and sign in to vote. So unless you plan to construct a sockpuppet identity--not recommended--you can't do often. I refer, of course, to the AV Club's Undercover competition. There have been some nice, off the cuff cover songs included, worth checking out whether or not you plan to vote.

Here's one that I had to put near the top. It's Baltimore's Wye Oak, paying tribute to the songwriting genius of Dave Davies. Yes, Dave. (And since Anheuser-Busch isn't giving me anything, I'm well within my rights to tell you you can hit pause before the beer commercial.)

Wye Oak covers The Kinks
May do Saturday Random Ten. Will help if Earl's sloppy seconds have really ended the heat wave.


susan said...

A very nice version of Strangers that we both enjoyed.

I hope things have cooled off for you as Earl passed by. We stayed an extra day in Fredericton and the temps are down here from last night.

Hey, now we're in an earlier time zone than you. Weird thing this time traveling.

Ben said...

Yeah, I thought it was purdy.

Fredericton, from pictures I've seen of it, looks like a nice city. Small-townish, as cities go. Seems to have a lot of stuff with the word "Beaverbrook" in it, which must delight 12 year old boys of all ages.

Time travel? If you see any old men crossing the street, give them plenty of time to pass. You don't want to hit your own grandfather.