Friday, September 10, 2010

Fresh-forged Friday Random Ten

You know what would be fun? Convincing people that the word "chillaxin'" can be traced back to an obscure Shakespeare play. It would take some prep. Be properly wonky and inconsistent in spelleing. Make mead stains at random spots on the script...

1. TV on the Radio--I Was a Lover
2. The Zapolski Quartet--Allegretto Scherzando
3. XTC--Don't Lose Your Temper
4. Lou Rawls--The Shadow of Your Smile
5. Arcade Fire--Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
6. Talk Talk--Life's What You Make It
7. Nellie McKay--Dig It
8. L'Attirail--Bielamor Canal
9. The New Pornographers--My Shepherd
10. Tom Waits--Little Drop of Poison


susan said...

It's definitely an undertaking well worth the effort.

Ben said...

Thought you might be on board.