Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Label on a can

Am I glad not to be in college anymore. This is just wrong. When I was a younger man there was something pure about checking out a girl's ass. We wouldn't have stood for this kind of crass commercialism. Well, I wouldn't have. The frat guys would have bought more KFC.

There's also the aspect of women renting out their bodies and dignity to help move product, although there it could be worse.


susan said...

I remember getting on a Nordstrom's escalator and seeing a girl a few stairs up with 'Juicy' on her butt. Weird.

The tattooed head idea may be worse. At least pants can be removed easily.

Ben said...

Butt tattoos. Talking, moving butt tattoos with neon logos. I hope it's not the wave of the future. I really hope not.