Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Random Ten for closing time

On Fridays the building where I work shuts down at five. One of the front desk ladies has started to come up and browbeat me into leaving when it gets to be about five of. Is it weird that I've become that guy?

1. Blossom Dearie--Don't Wait Too Long
2. Nellie McKay--Send Me No Flowers
3. Arcade Fire--Rococo
4. Sonic Youth--Unmade Bed
5. Ladytron--AMTV
6. Tom Waits--The Fall of Troy
7. Yuka Honda--Sun Beam—nothing hurts—On A Cold Winter Morning I Walked Back Home: On A Street Paved With Pieces Of Broken Hearts
8. Joni Mitchell--The Jungle Line
9. Soul Coughing--Down to This
10. The Magnetic Fields--Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin


susan said...

Er.. yes :-)

Ben said...

Well, maybe. It depends on context. :)