Friday, September 17, 2010

Feted (not fetid) Friday Random Ten

At work an outdoor party, held in the parking lot. I guess sort of an end of summer thing. Luckily it wasn't rained out, although there still were some sprinkles. And water balloon relay races, which can sort of fill the rain niche.

1. Roy Orbison--The Clown
2. Stan Kenton--Cuban Carnival
3. Brian Eno--Saint Elmo's Fire
4. The Magnetic Fields--Zebra
5. TV on the Radio--Hours
6. Edgardo Cintron--Brazilian Sunset
7. Ladytron--All the Way
8. Nellie McKay--If I Ever Had a Dream
9. Nina Simone--See-Line Woman
10. Arcade Fire--Ready to Start


susan said...

Hope you had a good time.. and a towel ;-) Remember, Douglas Adams advised never going anywhere without one.

Ben said...

I did have a good time. Actually, even though I had an incident of klutziness with one of the water balloons, I didn't get wet. Someone in a subsequent event did, though. I was not involved there.