Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new plea

There's an acronym I just made up that I think the online community could use: IPRL. Short for "I plead real life." The idea is that if you haven't done a created a wiki article like you meant to, or if you haven't updated your blog for a while (not that that's ever happened here) you can plead real life. Say "I have a job/family/rooftop pigeon coop/what have you. Sorry."

The letter combination has been used, but not for this. Although "isolated perfused rat liver" does sound like it could make a good appetizer.

Anyway, I figure if there's one thing the Internet needs, it's another acronym. lol


susan said...

Damn straight and it's a very good one.

Speaking of real life:

Today we moved into a very nice apartment that overlooks Victoria Park and is just down the street from the Lord Nelson Hotel. How cool is that?


Ben said...

The Lord Nelson Muntz Hotel. An ornate sign in the lobby reads "Ha-ha!"

I'm happy you've gotten to your new place. Now you get to relax and enjoy it.