Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stuff it

One of the best things about the digital conversion has been the addition of Retro Television (RTV) to local broadcasting. And maybe the best thing about that is that you can see old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents without cable.

Tonight's rerun was about a taxidermist, but not exactly like that one. No, he's a regular married guy who makes a living at it. Well, his wife's little brother comes to stay with him, and he's a sleazy malingerer. And to make a long story short, the jerkwad in-law's crazy demands start endangering his own sister's health. Well, the husband is stuffing a horse for the town's 100 year time capsule. And there happens to be a lot of room in the horse. Enough for a grown man's body, even...

This story will help me get through tomorrow. If that guy can look his problems in the face and come up with a workable solution, maybe I can too.


susan said...

I knew which taxidermist you were linking to without looking. Well, silly me, who else could it have been? His project certainly put a whole different spin on the Trojan Horse story.

I just hope your problem was solved in a less drastic fashion.

Ben said...

Let's see. I wrote this entry on Tuesday night. So Wednesday... Yup, I'm pretty sure I got through Wednesday without having to hide any bodies. Which is good. They call it "hump day" for a reason.