Friday, October 23, 2009

Low profile Friday Random Ten

Not too much to report. I've heard from a good, fairly old friend this week. And tonight I finished reading Virginia Woolf's Orlando which I have to give high marks to. (Sex-changing immortals. Woo!) Otherwise, mostly just chilling. So I hope this list finds you well.

1. The Beatles--Martha My Dear
2. Stan Kenton--Chorale fro Brass, Piano and Bongo
3. The New Pornographers--The Laws Have Changed
4. Chic--Le Freak
5. Talk Talk--It's My Life
6. Todd Rundgren--Dust in the Wind
7. Grizzly Bear--Ready, Able
8. Little Richard--Lucille
9. Jomi Mitchell--The Jungle Line
10. Mika--Pick Up Off the Floor*

* One of the best album-enders I've heard recently, so not a bad place to finish.


susan said...

Good to know you heard from an old friend. That's always a fine thing to have happen no matter how old we are.

Ben said...

Yeah, I think I can dig where you're coming from on that one.

susan said...

I can't help but ask if you got the external hard drive with all the music and video? It's plug and play or should be.