Sunday, October 4, 2009

Robert Plant sez "Better Led than dead"

Mark Patinkin is one of the few parts of the Providence Journal that's still locally produced. That's generally not enough of a value-added for me to buy it. Look here to see what I'm talkin' 'bout.

"If you don't like it here why don't you fly to Russia. Then travel back in time 25 years."

I mean, how fucked are we if that's the system's best defense?

For the record, I ain't no red and I don't think competition is the problem. The problem is us internalizing the results and assuming that those who wind up ahead are just plain worth more. That's how you wind up with people showing up at town hall meetings with guns, demanding that the government not cover their health care. Three-block lines for toilet paper in Red Square may have been a problem, but ours are different.


susan said...

Yow, he's really gone down the tubes, hasn't he? Or could it be I've long forgotten what a jerk he always was?

Ben said...

Well, taking a trek through Ethiopia at the height of the famine would seem to have an ennobling effect on just about anyone. And he did some good work then. The decline started not long afterward, though.

Jym said...

=v= Yep, nothing new here. The "Obamasocialist" stuff is just reworded red-baiting.

I couldn't find the Robert Plant part, though. I'm sorry to say that he was one of many musicians paying effusive tribute to the San Francisco billionaire who funds the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass event each year (a former Lehman Bros. executive and heir to Wells Fargo's profits, which of late have been bolstered by racially-targeted subprime lending).