Monday, October 12, 2009

How great thou arts and crafts

What can I say about this painting, mentioned in passing by Doghouse Riley? Well, the artist certainly gave his brush hand a workout. He's got potential. But there may be just a little too much worry about his process. As he explains on his website, the images represent his conservative values. Why not relax and let the conservatism take care of itself? Looking at the schoolteacher in the lower left grouping, I think what he really wants to paint is Sarah Palin as Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. And why not? Literally hundreds of art lovers would be interested.

The idea of scrollover explications is intriguing, though. It's too bad Edward Munch never had a website. Can you imagine what he could have told us about this?

BRIDGE: Won't take you anywhere except another horrifying vortex.

DUDE: Screaming. In pain. Life sucks and then you die. The end.

Oh, and for alternate interpretations, do check out Shortpacked.


susan said...

It's always the way that fundamentalists manage to squeeze all the fun out of religion. wtf indeed.

Ben said...

Anything I can recognize as fun, at any rate.