Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The burn in Hell form letter

To accentuate the positive, this op-ed does imply in its last paragraph that homosexuals love dogs. Which is true. If you're going on vacation, leave Fido with the most stable m/m couple you know and he'll get the care of a lifetime.

Other than that, it's notable that Catholic Andrew Sullivan is appalled to see Donohue's ravings in the Post. Sullivan is gay but also a huge pro-lifer, and was pretty allied with the right wing until recently.

The assumption seems to be that being a person of faith means loathing everyone outside your neighborhood watch group. To be fair, Christ did say something about throwing the first stone. Something like, "For the love of Dad, throw the first stone already." What, that wasn't it?


susan said...

Reading what these very confused people have to say about how they view reality is pretty disturbing. One thinks they ought to be lecturing one another from soap boxes at the edge of weed strewn deserted lots.

Ben said...

I'm fine with that idea. As long as I know ahead of time which vacant lots they'll be at. :)