Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More useful notes

First of all, there is no need to panic, because I'm basically doin' aiight.

But, if you go to the emergency room, know two things.

One. That's basically your day. Bring a good book for the waiting room. Try not to freak when your in the exam room for extended periods by yourself.

Two. If you don't have chest pains, be real clear on that fact. If you're all, "well, maybe" they won't leave you alone on it.


susan said...

'Basically doing all right'? I hope that means you're okay and ready to rock your weekend - or at least enjoy it.

Ben said...

I think so, yeah. I was feeling a little wheezy and was getting winded too easily. As I suspected, there was a little bit of asthma action going on. A few doses of albuterol and prednisone later and I'm feeling hugely better. Weekend here I come! :)