Monday, December 8, 2008

Over the counter medical advice

The wrapping on some packages of cough drops advertises "soothing syrup center." Stating outright that this syrupy goodness is what will ease your ailing throat.


If you have a bad cough, what you need is time, patience, and a clean sensation to distract you from your pain. If your lozenge breaks apart after a minute or so and leaves you with a moughful of sugary goo, that could be billed as "counterproductive."

We hope this item from our consumer affairs desk helps.

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susan said...

I hope your throat has stopped ailing without further recourse to believing the lies of the snake oil purveyors. I've fallen for their claims once or twice myself and have rued the cost.

A parcel with your name on it left here yesterday in the care of those still employed by the federal postal service. Keep an eye out :-)