Thursday, December 4, 2008


A suitably shambolic look at artist Jason Rhoades' final installation, "Black Pussy." Why? Well, the title subject interested no less a personage than Thomas Jefferson.

More seriously, I'm interested in artists--Rhoades among them--who work in disorganized styles. Note that this assemblage is basically just a big pile of stuff in a room. While he did pass away while working on this pooject, his untimely death is not really the reason it looks like that. Piles of stuff were basically what he did. But interesting stuff. Where did the interest come from, then?

This intrigues me because I am myself basically a black hole of indiscipline. Certain artists--Sarah Sze, maybe Matthew Ritchie--show signs of overpowering energy, again, out of all proportion with the level to which they are organized. It's an intriguing idea to me: using creativity without harnessing it in any conventional sense.

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