Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy MMIX

The inclement weather meant a half-day at work today. Yup, I can handle that. Then a chancy trip to the supermarket, but that worked out okay. Hung out at/near home for a while, then had dinner and then drinks with a few friends. A most convivial New Year's Eve. So I'm feeling fairly up now.

Hope 2009 treats you well, my lovelies. Especially those of you--and I know there are some--who may have gotten some rude shocks from 2008.


susan said...

The most exciting part of our New Year's Eve was a grocery shopping trip at the end of the work day. It was bedlam, I tell you. Later we watched Spellbound and were impressed by psychosis done by professionals.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year. After 2008, it will have to be an improvement.

Ben said...

Wait, which "Spellbound" did you see? I loved the Hitchcock movie, which I sense is the one you're talking about. There's also a documentary about spelling bees, which sounds interesting but I haven't actually seen it.

Ah well, sounds like you picked a nice transition either way.

susan said...

Yes, Hitchcock with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. Her performances were always riveting. Now I wonder did you get a parcel recently?.. or read an email?

Talk to you soon :-)

Ben said...

Um, yeah. I wrote that response at that "wrap things up so you don't sleep in your clothes all night with unbruthed teeth" stage of the night, so I wasn't thinking too clearly.

It was a spectacular movie. Gregory Peck was excellent too, and I think it was actually his first.