Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Foreign perspective

Blogging may have been a little lighter than usual recently because I've had a raw throat, trouble sleeping, fatigue, etc. Just waiting it out at this point.

I have been reading East of Eden though. Reading and reading and reading. It's a big book, and it will be significantly overdue when I return it to the library. The length ultimately works for it, though. What it allows Steinbeck to do is present every evil and trauma you can imagine without the novel being a constant onrush of doom and despair. There's plenty of room for good conversation and fleeting happiness. Accent on fleeting.

From what I understand--not having seen it--Elia Kazan's movie version adapts only the last quarter or so and drops a large number of significant characters. Pragmatic, so as not to wind up with a seven hour film, but no substitute I imagine. Anyway, it's such a rich volume that I'll likely return to it blogwise when my head's a little more together.

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