Monday, December 15, 2008

It's just not his bag, dad

What can I say? Those Iraqis sure have a quirky way of greeting liberators.

Seriously, though, that dude by now I'm sure has bigger worries than whether or not he'll get his shoes back. But it does poke a hole in the party line that we've done so much for those Mesopotamians and we've left them such happy campers. If Bush has to duck at a staged, screened event with Maliki, what would they throw at him in Anbar province?


susan said...

Apparently a number of Iraqis and others would like to give him a medal.. or a new pair of shoes :-)

Ben said...

Well, to put things in perspective, British tax collectors in the thirteen colonies were tarred and feathered. In agony and brutality, that dwarfs what Bush would have felt if both shoes hit him full force in the head. Caveat occupator,