Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting to the bottom of the barrel story

God bless Philip J. Berg. Thanks to him our "president" "elect" may be forced to answer some tough, necessary questions. Such as the following.

Mr. Obama, you say you were born in Hawaii, a place real Americans have never heard of. Can you prove that this "Hawaii" exists? Or the laughable claim that it is part of these United States?

Your Kenyan born father was named Barack Obama. You are named Barack Obama. The two of you have not been seen together in well over three decades. Can you prove that you and your father are not the same man?

When your parents had you, was it more fraud for Communism's sake or Communism for the sake of fraud?

Are you positive you were born in Hawaii? Absolutely sure?

Caught you! No one remembers their own birth. Except for Martians!

Would you be willing to name the other members of the Martian scouting party?

And on it could go, into sweet eternity.

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