Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Got those blues

Woke up headachey and vaguely sick this morning. 'Twas my own fault. Last night with dinner I had bread and butter. Liked the bread, with a nice firm crust. When I spread butter on it, I saw a few blue spots. Turning the bread over there was nothing on the back. I convinced myself the spots must just be pores in the bread. Only when I got that unpleasantly woody taste from that part of the bread did I know what I'd just done.

Felt better after coffee and a muffin. Lesson learned.


susan said...

What can I say but that I'm glad it wasn't a piece of greenish chicken? At least bread was the original base of penicillan.

Ben said...

If the eggs and ham in Green Eggs and Ham were naturally green then Sam-I-Am was really not the other guy's friend.

If I have time on my hands maybe I should learn the steps to making penicillin.