Friday, July 15, 2016


A couple of minutes ago I was sitting here looking at something on the computer and some kind of beetle made contact with the surface in front of me. I took its sudden existence as an aggressive act and it turned out not to be long for this world. I consider myself a fairly peaceful person, but might have some problems being a Jainist.


susan said...

I try not to hurt insects when I'm outdoors but when it come to indoors, my territory, I'm not quite so understanding. Although I have helped the occasional creature out the door.

Ben said...

I sometimes help little creatures outside too. It's easier with spiders, in truth, because they can't fly so their ability to evade you is more limited. (Are legs 7 and 8 some Darwinian substitute for wings?) Moths I can sometimes catch too, although I'm pleased to say I don't see many moths in this place.