Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Speaking role

The title character of Dickens's Barnaby Rudge has a pet raven that repeats what he just said. Given that he's an easily led doofus, this isn't always a good thing. But it's a cool idea. And one based on real life.

I like the idea of a bird that's so well suited to messing with our heads. ("Where did that come from? Who's throwing their voice?")


susan said...

'Wakka, wakka, wakka.. Nevermore'. That really is the best one. We've heard a few crows at the park who make valiant efforts to speak Human. So far the closest is one who seems to be saying 'herro'.

btw: I got 'White Teeth' in the mail from the UK seller yesterday - £.74 cost £1.74 s&h. Not bad. I'm not far into it yet but I enjoyed the opening where Archie is attempting suicide by asphyxiation outside the halal butcher shop.

Ben said...

It's kind of curious that ravens and crows look so similar but their calls are rather different. Crows have that straightforward caw going, and sometimes they rattle. I like hearing them.

Yeah, Archie enters into a new world for him, although he knew Samad in the war. They make an interesting pair.