Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lonely hearts

It's weird how, once you start noticing it, there are banner ads all over the web for what are basically mail order bride businesses. Or, you know, something like that. Never know what site will show you an ad saying "Single girls from _____ are waiting to hear from you." Russia and Japan seem pretty popular, but I'm sure I've seen others.

Half of me is concerned there might be human trafficking involved. The other half is convinced it's just a way to get your credit information. But anyway, that's two reasons not to call.


susan said...

I don't know about mail order brides (or grooms etc.) but I do know I haven't seen an ad online for years. Adblocker software is free and saves a lot of commercial aggravation. You might want to give it a try unless (of course) you find some amusement in finding eyebrow raising promotions.

Ben said...

Most ads aren't that bothersome to me. I think computers may come bundled with at least a partial blocking software now. And yes, there is a little amusement in seeing their pitches.