Monday, July 4, 2016

Buggin' out

The last couple of days have seen some alarming moth action. I've read about gypsy moth caterpillars denuding the forests in the region, mostly Massachusetts. This may be the payoff. I did notice it was a little better today than yesterday.

I've always liked birds, but this is one way to get to live them. Because not all birds are insectivores, but enough of them are so that it's a relief to see them flying low.


susan said...

Gypsy moths can cause a lot of damage to trees so a big infestation must be pretty nasty. I'm guessing the milder winter weather this past year might have been a cause. Too bad the state didn't take precautions sooner.

Meanwhile, the birds come to the rescue. Hurray!

Ben said...

I've noticed quite a few trees with gnawed-on leaves, so it wasn't pretty. Might have to do with the relatively mild winter, yes. A downside we need to consider, I guess.

The birds' timing was fortuitous. They made things look and feel much better after a few days.