Monday, July 18, 2016

Creature comforts

gli animali perduti di Albertus Seba - the lost animals of Albertus Seba from A.G.E Trio on Vimeo.

Albertus Seba was a pioneering Dutch zoologist and engraver, which might give you some context. The audio helps draw me in too.


susan said...

You're always a good source of interesting stuff. This was fascinating enough that a search I made for <a href="Albertus Seba</a> produced the information that Linnaeus used him and his collections/engravings as a resource.

susan said...

sigh.. That time I made a mistake - another try

Ben said...

That's a good page. I had only taken a brief look at his Wikipedia page. He sounds to have been really ahead of his time. It's rather unfair that he was derided for not using the Linnaean system, which was only created at the end of his life.

Glad you liked the short film, of course.