Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two joys

A couple of things brightened my day today, I mean besides taking it off.

I saw the above picture in the newspaper, along with this analysis. The author isn't wrong about the man. The kindest thing to think about him is that he may have just been overindulging and thus looks dopier than usual. The woman certainly looks intoxicating in herself. She's perfectly ordinary, you say? To my eyes more ordinarily perfect. In any case, if there is something congenitally wrong with her husband, at least he seems to be in good hands.

Also I listened to an old episode of Piano Jazz, a radio show that Marian McPartland hosted, tonight. Her guest was the late Sarah Vaughan - both women are "late" - one of my all time ideals. It was interesting listening to Sassy talk between tunes. She sounded kind of drunk, but I don't think that was it. In her singing she almost always placed tone above articulation, and that seems to have carried to the way she spoke as well.


susan said...

You're right that is a very cool and interesting portrait. It's always amazed me just how much truth can be found in the work of skilled artists - that includes photographers, of course. The lady in this one would have been a force to reckon with.

Sarah Vaughan was most definitely one of them and a woman always in control of her delivery. That must have been a very interesting interview.

Ben said...

As with painting, photography can find and share a truth about its subject, given the proper effort. Of course just getting an image is somewhat easier.

It was a cool interview/jam session. They were both piano players and of course Sassy had that great voice, too. Lucky find.