Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The great divorce

I don't have a vote in it, for obvious reasons, but I'd say that Eno and Harry Potter's mum are right and Basil Fawlty is wrong. In this case.

There are things to dislike about the EU, such as its one size fits all monetary policy. But the UK has been pretty lucky overall. It hasn't been through a harrowing audit like Greece. The Brits have even been able to keep their pre-EU currency. On the whole they'd probably take a serious economic hit if they left, a possibility most Brexit supporters don't really seem prepared for.

Beyond that, the pro-Leave coalition just makes me queasy. The man who killed Jo Cox wasn't representative, but that doesn't mean he isn't symptomatic. It seems to have been a fairly racist campaign. The most powerful advocates of this side are against immigration. They're also probably against a lot of other things that make British life better.


susan said...

Jer and I have also read a lot about this issue over the preceding weeks and even now as the votes are being counted it's still a question of opinion. However, this afternoon we came across an article written by Raul Illargi of Automatic Earth that excerpts passages of another article written recently by Frederick Forsyth detailing the design and reasons for the EU as we see it now. You might find it as interesting as we did.

Hope all is going well at your new location.

Ben said...

Interesting article. I'm not sure I buy that it has nothing to do with Johnson and Farage. They're not the whole thing, but they do stand to benefit from the vote. Or would if they weren't, as it seems to turn out, really inept at most aspects of political work.

The new location is going well. It's an interesting change. I'll have to get in touch with the old coworkers soon.

Will respond to your comment on the last Queen Watch soon. Just need to start earlier at night. There's another one coming next weekend.