Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It figures

Queen Watch? Absent this past weekend, should be back Saturday. I'm about at the halfway point, I guess, give or take. So far it's been lots of fun.

In the meantime, there's this. I've long been a fan of Chirico's paintings from his surrealist/metaphysical phase, so I'm delighted an animator has worked his imagery into this (slightly florid?) scenario.


susan said...

We haven't watched half the Ellery Queen shows yet - maybe six - but they are most definitely as charming and entertaining as you've described them so far. I liked the Miss Aggie one particularly and we both give big thumbs up to Simon Brimmer. The reporter is as annoying as Brimmer is appealing with his elegance and misplaced pride of accomplishment.

The little movie was a bit sad, wasn't it? Poor abandoned artist's doll.

Ben said...

Flanagan the reporter can be a little much. He seems to be coming in from another movie at times. But yeah, John Hillerman's mixture of buffoonery, elegance and intelligence takes him far. Thought you might enjoy those.

The short is kind of sad, yeah. Maybe the animator was going through some stuff?