Thursday, June 9, 2016

Here in my car where the image breaks down

During lunch today I saw a little car on the road that - I'm not positive, but I have a feeling - looked to be electric. After work I saw another one. Well after that, I saw a car whose fuel system I couldn't tell you, but was shaped like a Formula 1 car. So is there some kind of convention in town? One wonders.

I don't walk around with a camera all day. That means I don't have pictures of anything described above. Which, I guess, means it didn't happen.


susan said...

I'm guessing the little cars you saw are 'Smart Cars', we've seen a few of them around here too. Some are electric and some are regular. The one that looked like a Formula 1 probably belonged to some rich old guy who was lost.

There are far too many pictures already and few of them can convince me of their veracity.

susan said...

Did you read Jer's notes on your 'Lovin' Spoonful' post?

Ben said...

I did, yes, and enjoyed them. I've gotten a little turned around as to what comments I've responded to and which I haven't but I'll go back to that one.